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Poetry for All Seasons

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

The Eagle River Nature Center has never had a Poet in Residence. Or it has, without knowing it: This gateway to Chugach State Park, minutes from my house, has long been my go-to place for restoration of spirit and poetic inspiration. As partial payback, I will be offering quarterly poetry workshops throughout 2019, from 2:00p to 3:30p on the last Sunday of January, April, July, and October. In addition to the seasonal focus, each workshop will have its own theme: In January: A Survey of Nature/Eco-Poetry (with an emphasis on winter and Alaskan poets); in February: Haiku (with an emphasis on spring and including other short-form nature poetry); in July: Erasure Poetry (with an emphasis on summer and science); in October: Ekphrasis Poetry (with an emphasis on autumn and art).

As of a few days ago, a thin sheet of ice was beginning to form over the waters around the nature center's viewing deck. Never before (in three decades of observing) have I witnessed so much open water in mid-November. The workshops will be an occasion to discuss observations of seasonal changes, and to record them:

In the north, open water

references a lack of ice,

connotes the danger

of no firm ground, the anger

of subsistence foods

kept out of reach, the price

of others choosing ease

at the expense of need.

When mountains remain

mirrored in winter, we witness

the ichorous evidence

of earth's pooling plight,

the serous exacerbation

of peril, human-incited.

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